Winter, warm house, furnace works - Celebrating Christmas

Winter Care Tips for your Trusted Home Furnace

Winter Care Tips for your Trusted Home Furnace

Winter, warm house, furnace works - Celebrating ChristmasToday more than ever before it is essential to make sure that your home furnace is always operating at peak performance. With winter in full swing there are a few excellent ways to keep your trusted home furnace in great condition during the coldest times of the year. For example, changing air filters is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to maintain any home furnace in the best condition possible. Changing filters at least once every few months helps to keep particles, dirt, dust and even pollen out of your HVAC system. This ultimately serves to prolong the life of the unit.

Cleaning the Heat Exchanger

In addition, if your HVAC system has a condenser it may be worth considering covering it as a way to protect it from ice and debris outdoors. Using a piece of board or some type of plastic tarp can be effective in this regard. As a note of caution, if covering your AC condenser is an option it is best not to wrap it too tightly where moisture becomes trapped. Equally important is to consider cleaning the heat exchanger. Simply vacuuming or brushing this component of your HVAC system or having it done by a trained professional is a great way to maintain system health. Having annual inspections done by a professional is usually the best option.

Comprehensive Annual Inspection of Your Furnace

Annual inspections will include everything from having the igniter tested to lubricating and cleaning the blower motor. Best of all, a comprehensive annual inspection of your furnace will also ensure that all carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. With so much to offer it is clear to see why simple care and maintenance of your home furnace system will ultimately save you money as a whole over the short and long-term. Talk with the friendly staff of Comfort Star for more information on the proper care and maintenance of your home furnace in Houston during the winter months.

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