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  • No repairs will be made without your knowledge and approval!
  • We will make sure that you understand what needs to be done, what your options are and the time it will take.
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What are typical heating system problems?

There are several parts in a heating system that can develop problems over time. The primary heating source, the furnace, is the major component. Fittings and connections to the furnace should be investigated thoroughly for any weaknesses or leaks.

The burner is the component of your system that is used to deliver and burn the fuel. If you are having problems with your burner, there are several reasons why your burner will not stay lit. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help this part to work reliably through the winter season.

Simply put, the heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one medium to another. Sometimes deposits can build up over time inside the heat exchanger, causing problems with the heat transfer efficiency. Again, this problem can be prevented by monitoring the tubes for scale and deposit build-up through regular maintenance.

The blower automatically comes on to distribute the heat from the furnace. The air is heated and supplied to the duct system by the blower. Your Comfort Star technician will check your furnace circuit breakers and furnace filter. The technician will also look at the blower fan motor.

Heating system flues are designed to release noxious gases to the outdoors. Sometimes, valuable heat can escape through the flu if it is not functioning properly. A neglected flu can be dangerous and Comfort Star technicians are licensed and trained to examine your flu to make sure that it is functioning properly and safely.

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