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Why Should You Choose Comfort Star?

A Team of Experts

Our team of experts are the best technicians in the Houston area. They are industry experts who continue their training each year to keep informed and knowledgeable about new technology. With over 18 years of experience, all Comfort Star technicians have been verified by background checks. This is why you can feel confident that Comfort Star Systems is a family-owned business managed by professionals.

Warranted, Guaranteed Work

We guarantee our services in writing and the Comfort Star staff will personally file your equipment warranty for you, to make sure that you are covered on all fronts! You can relax and we’ll do the paperwork!

Comfort Star’s semi-annual a/c and heating maintenance service will guarantee that your equipment will continue to operate at peak performance efficiently and reliably. Call us to set up your twice-yearly maintenance service today!

Upfront Pricing

You’ll never receive any surprises on a Comfort Star invoice. Our Comfort Star Service Experts are thoroughly trained and have upfront pricing guides, which means they can quickly assess your problem and provide you with an accurate estimate of the work required. Our estimates are accurate and in writing. If there is a problem, we will stop, talk to you about it, and you make the final decision!

Fast and Efficient Service That Won’t Leave You Broke

There’s never a convenient time for something in your home to stop working. That’s why we answer all calls and work to get your job finished!

Financing & Payment Options

At Comfort Star, we understand that no one expects emergency HVAC repairs. As a result, when we service our clients in the Houston area we offer convenient financing options, with approved credit. These options are for all services and all equipment. Consult our Financials page to see which option is best for you!

Service and Repair Experts in Houston

Proper servicing and management of your A/C equipment is important for preserving the quality of life that you enjoy at home. Give us a call and a service technician will come to your home and office to do a thorough inspection of your heating and air conditioning equipment. This inspection is part of our regular maintenance service. All Comfort Star technicians are trained to treat your home and office with respect and care. Floor coverings, shoe covers, and quiet and efficient work habits ensure that you will experience a minimum of disruption during your service, repairs, and installations. We clean up after every visit. After all service calls, Comfort Star technicians do a thorough walk-through with all homeowners to make sure that the service is complete and that you are completely satisfied. It is our goal to make sure that we exceed your expectations. We want to be you’re a/c and heating company for years to come!

Comfort Star Emergency AC Repair

Air conditioning equipment has improved in the last decade and now you can have a new system that is affordable and offers the highest in technology and efficiency. Comfort Star technicians address allergies, mold leaky units, and lost cooling in ductwork – all areas that can affect efficiency and costs. Our technicians explain all services and recommendations in language that you can understand, knowing that you make the final decision!

Professional Heating System Installation

Fortunately, the winters in the Houston area are generally mild. But you can still suffer from an inefficient heating system that produces “cold areas” in your home or office. Our semi-annual maintenance check and service calls will address these areas and Comfort Star technicians will make sure that your existing system is working as efficiently as possible or will make recommendations for a new system that will take into account the design of your home and office, as well as the length of the ductwork to ensure that heating is delivered to each room equally and with your comfort in mind. At Comfort Star, it is our goal to exceed your expectations on every service call!

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