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AC Tune-Up Services

Comfort Star Emergency AC Repair is a company that offers AC tune up maintenance for your AC and heating equipment. At the beginning of the spring season, we recommend that all of our Comfort Star customers have an annual check-up and AC tune-up of their HVAC equipment.


An air conditioner and its components are a major investment. Annual maintenance, usually done in the Spring and again in the Fall, is very important to ensure that your system will continue to work at peak performance for many years. Annual maintenance will add years to your system!

What is done to tune up an air conditioning system?

A trained Comfort Star technician will come to your home and perform a thorough check of your system, duct work, condenser, and evaporator coils.

  • Inspect and wash the condenser coil
  • Check actual AMP draw for AC compressor against manufacture rating
  • Check the actual AMP draw for the condenser fan against the manufacturer’s rating
  • Check the actual AMP draw for the blower motor against the manufacturer’s rating
  • Tighten electrical connection
  • Inspect contactor
  • Inspect start capacitor
  • Inspect running capacitor
  • Check safety control
  • Clean and inspect the thermostat for proper calibration
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge (pressure, superheat, and sub-cool)
  • Lubricate the condenser fan motor and inspect the fan blade
  • Inspect blower motor and squirrel cage for cleanliness, lubricate motor
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Check return air chase, ducts, and filters
  • Inspect accessible ductwork for air leaks

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Checking these items at the beginning of the summer season will ensure that you will enjoy and cool and comfortable summer!

What if the technician finds a problem with my AC system during the AC tune-up?

Finding and identifying a problem before your system breaks down is much easier and quicker to fix. We can spot weaknesses in your system that will eventually cause problems and fix them while they are still small problems before they become big ones. This saves you time and money, and of course, keeps your system reliable through the summer months.

Isn’t an AC system tune-up expensive?

Here is the good news! A tune-up is the least expensive service that we offer our customers and it can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your system. Your system will last longer, with fewer repairs, which saves you money!

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