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At Comfort Air, we have understood for some time about the importance of having sound foundations in place. For us, in any household, these is key factors such as having quality air conditioning and a sound heating system that does the job that you need.

With extensive professional experience and a rigorous understanding of both classic and modern methods of installation, we make it easier than ever for people to experience a progressive change and improvement to their overall efficiency and quality of life. You can feel healthier, sharper, and more active in every typical way, thanks to the reduction of potential hazards.

For example, you can’t see it, but air quality in our homes can be as much as 100x worse than it is outdoors. This leads to the creation of illness and infection within the household, silently hampering the quality of life that you get to enjoy. This is a major issue and one thing that can lead to problems such as illness, lack of productivity, and feeling sluggish.

Then, you have the added dilemma of the weather. In the summer, a lack of A/C assistance can leave you feeling sticky, uncomfortable, and ill with the strength of the heat. Especially in West University households and business premises, the sun can be quite unbearable in the summer. It leaves a thick, foggy humidity that clasps us and makes it hard to stay comfortable. In the winter, we can feel the bitter chill surrounding us making it harder to stay warm and comfortable.

With our help, you can find a solution to both of these issues – from making your home more sanitary to removing the problem of being too warm/too cold, you can make home living so much better. We also ensure that, in time, your health can improve.

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  • We believe that our knowledge, expertise, and information regarding the inner workings of both units are invaluable to making sure the setup can be managed correctly. From spotting the tiniest of gaps and cracks that could cost you hundreds of dollars per year to stopping the build-up of fungus and debris before they turn into serious problems, we make sure that maintenance can be relied upon to correct these problems. Preventative, professional maintenance can help to make sure that your home retains that comfortable quality of living that so few enjoy.
  • Also, we make sure that installation is handled in a safe and timely manner. We will arrange a discussion with you at your West University home or premises. From there, we will carry out a full audit of what you might need to put in place so that we can begin the installation and management of your property as soon as possible. We’ll find the device that best fits your budget, your needs, and your requirements instantly. This allows for massive changes to come into play and make sure that you get the help that you need when you need it.
  • Our range of selections in terms of brands is not down to what we deem best in terms of price, but what we deem the fairest overall fit. This is a major part of our business offering, ensuring that you can get the depth and consistency of assistance that you need. For one, we understand that one of the main challenges you might face stems from picking the unit with the best price, size, and output for your home. We can help you to do that, recommending only the options that benefit you most in all three ways. We are here to assist, not agitate.
  • With our experience and our passion for the industry clear for all to see, we can be trusted to make the right calls. We aim to make West University households and properties more energy-efficient and better for the environment. We do that by making the right kind of recommendations and the correct decisions about when, and where, to install any particular fitting

This allows you to enjoy the comfort and simplicity of our service while getting to watch your property become more comfortable and less expensive to run. Need more assistance? Then feel free to contact us today and we’ll arrange a discussion with you about installation as soon as possible.

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