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As the summer months become cooler, our customers turn off their a/c system and enjoy a few weeks before the cold weather sets in. At Comfort Star, we think about heating and cooling all year long! During the Fall and Spring months, our technicians stay busy visiting homes and offices in the Houston area to perform maintenance and tune-ups for our clients. This service, done twice a year, adds years to their systems and saves thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you have moved into a home or office that is in need of a heating furnace replacement, allow us to come out and survey your system to make sure replacement is the best option for you. Whenever possible, we repair the existing unit, but an old furnace can pose a danger, as well as become unreliable over the winter months.

The average furnace life span is around 15 years, although we are proud to say that Comfort Star technicians have kept many Houston area furnaces going for 20 years with regular maintenance.

There are drawbacks to an aging furnace. As they get older, they lose efficiency. Furnaces can develop cracks in the heat exchanger. These cracks can emit carbon monoxide which poses a danger to you and your family. Checking for these cracks is part of our annual heating maintenance program! Dirty pilot lights, bad thermocouples, and dirty burners are other signs of an aging furnace.

An older furnace will cause you to have higher heating bills over time. Comfort Star technicians are trained to recognize when a furnace needs to be replaced instead of repaired. A consultation with a Comfort Star technician will allow you to decide if you would be better off investing in newer, high-efficiency equipment, which will result in lower heating bills through the winter.

How do I know which equipment to buy?

Whether your home is older or less than 10 years old, the technicians at Comfort Star will perform an Energy Audit of your home, taking into consideration your home’s insulation and how well your home is sealed. During your consultation with a Comfort Star technician, you will be advised about energy conservation and how we calculated the energy load of your home or office, to ensure that you received the correct furnace size and design. Our calculations are based on extensive training and certifications, utilizing the publication from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) for load calculations, proper duct design and furnace selection. At Comfort Star, we carry all makes and brands of equipment and we will be happy to answer all of your questions so that you will feel confident that you have made the right decision!

What about the expense of purchasing a new furnace?

At Comfort Star, we realize that new heating and air conditioning equipment is an investment in your home or office. When you go to sell your home, the age of the heating and air conditioning system will be an important issue for potential buyers. We have made it easy to purchase a new, high-efficiency heating system by providing payment options for those who prefer to make payments. Please visit our Financials page and choose the payment option that you are most comfortable with. Our clients have told us that our payment options and plans take the worry and stress out of the purchase of a new heating system.

How long does it take to install a new furnace?

At Comfort Star, we understand the discomfort of being without proper heating when you need it! A typical furnace installation will take about 4-6 hours. It is our goal at Comfort Star to complete your installation in one day! Your Comfort Star technician will keep you informed throughout the day on the progress of your work.

Your job is our number one priority. Your technician will not take any other calls, and will not leave your home or office to rush off to an emergency. We are in your home or office for only one reason and that is to complete your job as quickly, as quietly, and as efficiently as possible.

After your installation, we will have a scheduled walk-through with you to make sure that we have met all of your goals and exceeded all of your expectations!

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