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One of the most important parts of any HVAC system installed is the ductwork. However, many people disregard the importance of this feature and, instead, are left with unmanaged or poor-quality ducts that cause more problems than they should. At Comfort Star, we work regularly with people to try and offer a competitive, simple solution to ductwork issues that they have.

A failure to manage ductwork properly is a hazard, as well as a hassle. It can leave households dealing with extensive energy loss and higher energy bills than they should have to pay at present.

This is a major issue and one that causes significant consternation for homeowners in the Houston area in particular. On average, a ductwork system that is not at full operational capacity could be losing as much as 40% of the energy that it should be providing to the home as hot or cool air. It may sound like a small amount today – add it up over the year, though, and those expenses soon add up.

The central furnace, the heat pump, and/or air conditioning system need quality ductwork as much as anything else to perform at their operational peak. This is why we offer a comprehensive ductwork repair service; to get in about the problem, find a solution, and put it in place.
Simply moving the duct from the attic to the basement is not enough to stop the problems from forming in the first place, however. We’ll look to make that as clear as possible, developing a consistent and detailed approach to ductwork repair and maintenance that solves any typical issues you may have.

The energy loss – and the financial hit – taken from damaged or poor-quality ductwork can be an immense cost to you every year.

Ductwork Repair Experts

One of the main reasons to hire our Houston ductwork repair team is the range of corrections we can put in place. When you hire us, you can get help with solving major problems with ducts, including:

  • A leaky duct connection that causes a limitation in the performance or persistence of the system.
  • Returning leaks that won’t seem to stay fixed through DIY or minor repairs.
  • Furniture blocking the register, hampering performance, and limiting freedom in the ducts.
  • Leaks at the furnace and filler slots or duct taping failures allow energy to escape without knowledge.
  • Supply leaking and disk insulation issues.
  • Kinks in the ductwork which restricts airflow.

Another major issue that we regularly come across when carrying out ductwork repair in Houston is excessive dampness. This can be caused by unconditioned air being sucked into the HVAC system against its knowledge, creating an increased workload and reducing performance massively. Naturally, this is a major issue and can deeply limit the enjoyment you get from using your cooling system.

This is a major design flaw in many ductwork systems, and we work to correct these problems as soon as possible with a reliable solution that corrects gaps.

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We also help to manage problems with leakage through the supply ducts into any kind of unconditioned space. This can result in negative pressure being built up inside the living space, which can cause unconditioned air to be drawn into the cavities of the building and enforce more decay and erosion.

To stop this from happening, you need to be able to rely on working with a more simplistic solution. It also means being able to understand and appreciate the challenge of working to get these systems working at full capacity, with the potential issues being so minor and minuscule.

However, this does not mean that supply limitations cannot occur. If you find that your ductwork is damaged or you have noticed a creeping up in your energy bills, get in touch with us today. We can take a look at what the problem is and, if we locate any issues, offer a simple and effective solution to put it right.
We understand the importance of good, strong, and reliable ductwork, so come and speak to us today for more information about correcting this problem. We’ll use all the details we can to offer a simple solution to your ductwork woes.


Typical duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of the Heating or cooling energy put out by the central Furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. Homes With ducts in a protected area such as a basement may lose somewhat less than this, while some other types of systems (such as attic ducts in hot, humid climates) often lose more. Duct repairs could be the most important energy Improvement measure you can do if your ducts are in the attic.

  • A. Leaky duct connection
  • B. Return leaks
  • C. Furniture blocking register
  • D. Leaks at furnace and filter slot and duct tape failure
  • E. Fallen duct insulation
  • F. Supply leaks
  • G. Kinks in ductwork restricting airflow

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Leaks in an HVAC return can suck unconditioned air into the HVAC system, increasing the cooling and humidity load, particularly if the unconditioned air drawn in is excessively damp. The unintentional airflows put the living space under a positive pressure that can drive cool, conditioned air into the building cavities. The same effect occurs when the return duct has been undersized — an all-too-typical design flaw.


Leaks through supply ducts into unconditioned space may result in negative pressure in the living space, causing unconditioned air to be drawn into building cavities.

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