Looking for furnace failure by HVAC technician

Know the Most Common Furnace Failure Indications

Know the Most Common Furnace Failure Indications

Looking for furnace failure by HVAC technician Your home heating system is one of the most important elements of a house when it comes to keeping it safe and comfortable year-round. This is especially true during the winter months where cold weather can cause serious concern. Here are some common furnace failure indications that homeowners should always consider as far as maintaining a heating system in top condition any time of the year. For example, a home heating system may experience a cracked heat exchanger. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to simply have regular maintenance and cleaning performed on the unit.

The Blower Continues to Run

In addition, a malfunctioning thermostat is usually indicated by erratic system operation and lack of adequate heat. Fortunately, homeowners can check thermostat function on their own and can even replace a thermostat relatively easily and inexpensively. Conversely, having a professional do the work will ensure that it is installed properly. Equally of concern is when the blower continues to run without stopping. This is often an indication that a limit switch has failed. If you suspect that the limit switch has failed because of a continuously running blower it is best to contact your professional heating technician as soon as possible.

Dirty Air Filters are one of the Biggest Culprits

Finally, there are some simple things that homeowners can do to keep a furnace in top condition throughout the winter. This includes having regular maintenance performed as well as changing air filters at regular intervals. Surprisingly, dirty air filters are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to poorly operating heating systems. Today it is easier than ever before to have access to affordable air filters. As a matter of fact, air filters can be bought in bulk saving even more money. Consider these simple yet important tips for expertly maintaining your furnace in the best condition possible. Contact Comfort Star today for more information on heating and cooling services in the greater Houston area.

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