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Furnace Preparation Tips For Winter Operation

Furnace Preparation Tips For Winter Operation

Heater Tune Up by Comfort StarWith the first day of winter just around the corner, making sure that your furnace is ready for the colder temperatures that are about to arrive is well worth the time and effort. Here are a few useful and practical preparation tips when it comes to keeping your furnace operating at peak performance throughout the coldest time of the year. For example, when heating your home for the first time this winter it is best not to dramatically increase the temperature setting on the thermostat as a way to rush the process. Choosing a high temperature initially will not heat your home any more quickly.

Turn Off Any Auxiliary Heating Equipment

All this does is ultimately increase the cost of energy and may even damage your furnace. Choose rather to slowly raise the temperature in your home in a controlled and metered way. This puts less stress on your heating system and ultimately will make your home comfortable and inviting. Also it is a good idea to turn off any auxiliary heating equipment like space heaters. This is simply due to the fact that this type of heating system can be a safety hazard and will substantially increase the cost of electricity in your home. It is better to let your furnace do the work.

A Dirty Air Filter Can Decrease Airflow

In addition, those with a fireplace may wish to close the damper as a way to reduce the loss of heated air from within your home. When a fireplace is not being used the chimney can act like a vacuum and will draw warm air directly out of the living space. This results in a system working harder to keep your home comfortable. Remember also that a dirty air filter can decrease airflow and cause your system to work harder than is necessary. A dirty air filter may also cause an increase in dust, dander and dirt throughout your home. Contact the professionals of Comfort Star today for more information on Houston heating services that get results.

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