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Tips On Keeping Your AC Running Efficiently

Tips On Keeping Your AC Running Efficiently

AC Efficiency Comfort StarAs spring and summer rapidly approach, the hottest days of the year specially in Houston TX are really not that far away. That said when temperatures do reach their hottest your air conditioning unit will work very hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. Here are some easy ways to reduce your utility costs, save energy and improve overall comfort inside your home while maximizing air-conditioning efficiency. For example, one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency and maintain an air conditioning unit is to simply check filters frequently.

A Clogged Air Conditioning Filter

Most experts recommend checking filters once per month. Along with checking filters routinely it is also essential to replace them whenever they become dirty. This makes sense because during the summer dust and allergens are circulated more widely. A clogged air conditioning filter causes the system to work harder in order to produce the same amount of cool air. Simply replacing filters is the easiest and most effective way to reduce energy usage and improve HVAC performance in general.

Blocked From The Rays Of the Sun

Equally important is to make sure that your air conditioning has adequate shading so that it runs more efficiently. When an AC unit is shaded or blocked from the rays of the sun it will stay cooler. When an AC unit is cooler it operates more efficiently and has an easier time cooling your home. Equally important is to avoid placing heat-producing items near the system’s thermostat. This includes everything from TVs to appliances and even lamps.

Install A New Thermostat

Keep in mind that when a thermostat is exposed to excessive heat, an air conditioner will run longer than would otherwise be the case. Pay particular attention to where you install a new thermostat so that it is not near any heat producing items or appliances. The installation should even be done in such a way so that the thermostat is not exposed directly to sunlight. These are just a few common sense tips on how to improve air-conditioning efficiency in your home as summer quickly approaches. Contact Comfort Star Emergency Air Conditioning and Heating today for the best in Houston HVAC services with a proven track record.

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