Keep your home cool during hot summer time in Houston TX with AC efficiency tips

Keeping Your Home Cool From The Outside

Keeping Your Home Cool From The Outside

Keep your home cool during hot summer time in Houston TX with AC efficiency tipsWhile it is important to maintain the highest levels of cooling efficiency within your home, there are many things that can be done from an outside perspective that also serve to reduce energy usage and keep your home as cool as possible. For example, consider the use of awnings. This is especially useful for homes with a south or west-facing bank of windows. Awnings will help to block the sun from coming through the windows during the hottest times of the summer.

Deflect Sunlight

Most importantly, awnings can be adjusted during the winter to allow sunlight to enter a home as a way to increase heating. Another great option during the hottest time of the summer is to simply make an investment in modern solar screens. These are unique screens that are placed on the outside of windows in order to deflect sunlight, ultimately reducing indoor temperatures. Landscaping and planting can also play an important role in keeping your house cool.

Planting Vines That Are Crawling In Nature

One example of this is the idea of planting shade trees in key locations around your home. Keep in mind that as trees drop their leaves during the winter months, solar heating will once again help keep your home just a little bit warmer throughout the winter. Even planting vines that are crawling in nature to block windows can help to further insulate a home. Talk with your landscaping professional to determine which type of vines, shrubs or bushes will be best suited for your particular home.

Painting Your House

Finally, if you intend on painting your home it might be worth using lighter colors that help to deflect sunlight and lower temperatures indoors. It’s a known fact that darker colors will absorb heat and sunlight while lighter colors will deflect heat and keep a house cooler. Even retrofitting your roof with lighter colored shingles can help to deflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption. Another option may be to simply paint the roof so as to create the same effect. Contact Comfort Star today to learn more about Houston emergency air conditioning and heating services and products that get results.

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