Cold Winter Broken Furnace

Reducing the Chances of Furnace Failure During the Winter

Reducing the Chances of Furnace Failure During the Winter

Cold Winter Broken FurnaceHomeowners depend on their furnace to operate at peak performance especially during the coldest times of winter. That is why it is so important to consider a few easy yet important tips on how to reduce the chances of a furnace breakdown or failure. For example, anytime you sense a smell coming from your furnace it may be an indication that something is wrong. A slight burning smell in the beginning of the winter season may just indicate that dust is burning off. While this is a normal thing, other smells that are chemical in nature or that smell like electrical burning should be further investigated immediately.

Replacement of Batteries

Equally important is to always make sure that the thermostat batteries are fresh and functioning normally. As a matter of fact, a large number of furnace malfunctions are often the result of weak or dead batteries. When the batteries are not good the thermostat simply will not work and as a result the furnace also will not work. The regular replacement of batteries will help to prevent this from happening. In addition, always make sure that the vents are fully opened around your home. Closing vents can cause the system to back up and ultimately will waste energy. Furnaces are designed to heat a home based on its size. As a consequence, closing vents can disrupt the system’s normal operation.

HVAC Professional in your Local Area

Finally, probably one of the easiest ways to reduce the chances of furnace failure or breakdown during the winter months is to simply have routine inspections performed by an HVAC professional in your local area. This is truly one of the smartest ways to detect problems long before they become serious or more costly. Trained professionals can detect problems long before they become an issue. In short, any time you are in doubt about the overall performance of your home heating system it is best to call a professional. If you suspect something is wrong with your heater call a technician right away. To learn more about proper care and maintenance of your Houston home furnace talk with the friendly staff of Comfort Star today.

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