Performance AC Unit

Maximize Air-Conditioning Performance In Your Home

Maximize Air-Conditioning Performance In Your Home

Performance AC UnitNow is the best time to become actively involved in maximizing the overall performance of your residential air conditioning unit. Not only does it help to save money but it helps to ensure that you will have cold comforting air when it is needed the most. One example of a great way to keep an air-conditioning unit operating at its best at all times is to change the air filter regularly. At a minimum, this type of filter should be changed once every three months while others choose to change the filter every single month. We have stressed in other posts the incredible importance of this one simple and affordable preventative strategy.

A System Runs More Efficiently With A Clean Filter

Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure and that is that having a clean filter means that your system will not work as hard to produce the same amount of cool air. When a system runs more efficiently with a clean filter, it uses less electricity and lasts longer. Also keep in mind that those with pets may find that they need to change the air filter more frequently because of airborne pet dander and hair. Another good tip is that even if you do not change the filter every month it is important to at least inspect the filter each month.

AC Tune-Ups

Another key to getting the most out of a modern residential air-conditioning system is to schedule annual maintenance. Waiting until the hottest time of summer to schedule maintenance is typically not the best idea. AC tune-ups are best scheduled when the temperature outside makes it warm enough to test the system but where it is not so hot that it is downright scorching outdoors. An annual maintenance plan is inexpensive and will easily pay for itself many times over in terms of protecting your air conditioning system and reducing energy usage. Contact Comfort Star Emergency AC Repair today to learn more about HVAC service in Houston with proven results.

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