Carrier AC Thermostat System

Things To Consider Before Turning Your AC On For The First Time

Things To Consider Before Turning Your AC On For The First Time

Carrier AC Thermostat SystemAs summer rapidly approaches, the first use of your air conditioner is just around the corner. Here are a few simple and effective ways of maximizing the efficiency of an air conditioner long before you turn the unit on. For example, simply taking a walk outside and looking at the air conditioner unit’s overall condition can have many benefits. The outside unit is generally considered the condenser and should be free and clear of any obstructions. This is especially true if you have covered the condenser during the winter.

Debris or Vegetation That Is Lodged Between The Fins

In addition, it is recommended by professionals that you remove any vegetation or other similar objects that are within approximately 2 feet of the unit. This is an excellent idea and can even be as easy as using a garden hose to spray off or clear away debris from the coils. When using a garden hose in this way it is best to spray from a 45° angle to remove any unwanted dirt, debris or vegetation that may be lodged between the fins. Exercise caution and ensure that the fins do not become damaged.

Changed at Regular Intervals

Working your way back indoors, check that the air conditioning filter is clean and has been changed at regular intervals. Keep in mind that a dirty air filter can cause an air conditioning system to work harder than is necessary. Pleated filters are typically the best and are relatively inexpensive especially when purchased in bulk. A clean unobstructed filter simply means that air can pass unimpeded through the filter ensuring maximum airflow and conditioned air that is comfortable and inviting.

Slight Humming Sound

When starting your air conditioner for the first time it is best to turn the thermostat all the way to full cool and then turn the fan to auto. This is simply done as a test. Once the system begins to run go outside and check the condenser also confirming that the fan is spinning normally. The compressor should project a normal slight humming sound. If you hear any unusual or erratic noises it is recommended to contact an air conditioning and heating professional as soon as possible. Contact Comfort Star Emergency AC repair today for 24/7 Houston HVAC services they get results.

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