AC Technician tune up the HVAC unit

How Frequently Should You Service an Air Conditioning Unit?

How Frequently Should You Service an Air Conditioning Unit?

Most experts in the field recommend having an air conditioning unit inspected at regular intervals even if no problems are suspected. Heating and cooling professionals recommend having a system inspected and serviced as well as cleaned once each year. This should ideally be done in the springtime as a way to ensure the best possible operation and energy efficiency as summer approaches. Reliability is a major factor when it comes to any air conditioner especially during the summer months.

Accumulate Around The Condensing Coils

AC Technician tune up the HVAC unitKeep in mind that as an AC system runs day after day, it will tend to accumulate dust and dirt. This dust and dirt often gathers in key areas and can directly impact efficiency. Most commonly, dirt, dust and grime can accumulate around the condensing coils and the air filter. When this condition is left unchecked, and air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of its operating efficiency. In other words, when there is an excessive buildup of dirt and grime, an air conditioner simply is not capable of cooling a home as well as it would if it were completely clean.

Regular Annual HVAC Inspections

The good news is that having an air conditioning unit inspected as well as maintained and cleaned each year is a relatively inexpensive service. In fact, the small cost associated with having regular and routine care and maintenance on an HVAC system can ultimately pay for itself many times over in the long run. Along with regular annual HVAC inspections it is also a good idea for homeowners to change their air conditioning filters at least once each month. Buying filters in bulk is inexpensive and can help to keep a system running at peak efficiency at all times. Contact Comfort Star today to learn more about Houston AC repair that always delivers impressive results.

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