HVAC Repair May Be Necessary Based On These Warning Signs

HVAC Repair May Be Necessary Based On These Warning Signs

Warning signs when HVAC repair is neededHVAC repair is an important part of keeping your home’s interior environment comfortable and healthy. In other words any time an HVAC system fails it should be repaired promptly as a way to protect the occupants of your home as well as your furniture and belongings. Here are a few obvious warning signs that an AC unit or HVAC system has indeed failed. For example, if an AC unit simply does not come on when requested there is an obvious problem. This could be caused by anything from a compressor failure to some other components failing.

Not Properly Insulated

Calling in a licensed HVAC technician is the best way to deal with failed components in an AC unit. They will typically replace the compressor or other parts and recharge the system with Freon. This will ensure a long and comfortable summer where there is always a place to escape from the hot temperatures outdoors. In addition, if the HVAC system is operating and yet no cold air is coming out of the registers then there is obviously a problem. This could be the result of refrigerant-lines that are not properly insulated. Keep in mind that the outdoor AC unit is connected directly to the indoor system by only two copper refrigerant lines.

Condensation Sump Basin

These lines are supposed to be covered with insulating type sleeves. If they are not properly insulated, the system will not operate as intended. As an added note, it is often a good idea to have the refrigerant recharged to ensure cold air on demand at all times. One very obvious sign that there is a problem with your AC system is if you notice a puddle of water next to the unit. This may indicate that there is a blockage in the tube that allows water to drain from the system or its condensation sump basin. Homeowners can check these tubes or have a professional check to make sure that they are unobstructed. Contact Comfort Star today for the best in Houston emergency HVAC repair services.

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