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When is AC Repair Necessary?

When is AC Repair Necessary?

AC Repair TechnicianThere are many instances where your air conditioning unit may require repair. It is always a good idea to take care of repairs early in the season before the temperatures outdoors begin to rise substantially. One sign that you may require AC repair is when the system is not producing cold air. While the simple fix may be just the need for a new air filter, in other cases various components may have failed and as such this may be a good time to call in an air conditioning professional.

A Choked Condenser Coil

In addition, if you notice that your utility bills are excessively high, there could be a problem with your air conditioning unit. A spike in electricity usage may signal an inefficient system. Keep in mind that one likely culprit could be a choked condenser coil. This requires accessing the outdoor unit to check to make sure that the cooling fins have not accumulated excessive debris or dust. Equally of concern is when you hear weird noises coming from your AC system. Ticking, buzzing or rattling all indicate that there could be a major problem afoot.

A Fan Blade That Has Become Bent

This can signify a wide range of problems including anything from a blown blower motor to a fan blade that has become bent for some reason. While there are cases where a little bit of lubricating and tightening is all that it takes to fix the problem, there are other cases where a fan motor or fan blade may require replacement. This is a good time to contact an AC repair professional to get the job done right. Finally, if your AC unit does not shut off when it should, there could be a problem with the thermostat. Whether it is just a simple dial setting or something more extensive like the thermostat has failed, this problem is generally easy to fix. Contact Comfort Star Emergency AC Repair today for the best in Houston HVAC system repair and maintenance.

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