Saving money on energy for HVAC

Easy Ways to Save Money on Home Energy During the Winter

Easy Ways to Save Money on Home Energy During the Winter

Saving money on energy for HVACHomeowners are more concerned with saving money today than they have ever been in the past. That is why it is so important to consider the various options available when it comes to reducing your monthly energy costs. For example, simply increasing the insulation in walls and the attic can greatly improve overall efficiency and save you money when it comes to monthly electric bills. Best of all, there are many types of recycled insulation that are available and that are very affordable and highly effective. In addition, it is important to find any leaks or drafts that exist around windows and doors.

Draw Down Heat That Rises to the Ceiling

Work with your home contractor to find leaks and drafts and have these spaces filled as soon as possible. Equally important is to have regular maintenance performed on your home HVAC system. Poorly maintained units are inefficient and end up costing more money in terms of energy usage. If you have a gas fireplace it is best not to use it, while using a wood fireplace is always a good option because of its overall affordability. In the wintertime it is recommended that you reverse your ceiling fans as a way to draw down heat that rises to the ceiling. Another great tip is to always keep your thermostat a couple degrees lower and you would normally.

Simply Take the Time to Explore Your Options

However, it is important to never turn off the thermostat completely. If the thermostat is turned off of or the setting is too low this can result in burst pipes and can even have health related issues for all occupants of a home. Finally, many homeowners are turning to space heaters as a way to more efficiently heat small rooms. Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure and that is that saving money on energy is easier than most people might imagine. Simply take the time to explore your options and save money over the short and long-term. For more information on home energy saving tips and tricks for Houston homeowners contact Comfort Star today.

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