Residential Duct cleaning by Comfort Star HVAC Houston

Duct cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Consider

Duct cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Consider

Residential Duct cleaning by Comfort Star HVAC HoustonWhile having the ducts in your home professionally cleaned by experienced technicians is always the best option, there are some cases where homeowners choose to do the work on their own. When that is indeed the case, here are some easy steps to take in order to achieve the best possible results. For example, temporarily cover the air registers with either a cloth or some paper towels. The best way to do this is to simply lift up the register and tuck the cloth or towels underneath to hold them firmly in place. This prevents dust from filling the air in your home during the cleaning process.

Loosen Dust Along the Inside of the Ducts

The next step is to set the thermostat position to simply fan “ON.” This will ensure that the dust will be lifted away while the duct cleaning is taking place. During this process the thermostat should not be set to heat or cold. To do the actual cleaning, use a brush to loosen dust along the inside of the ducts. Next, it is recommended to uncover each register, one at a time. Use a vacuum to remove any dust that is being blown out by the system fan. Try to go as deep into the duct as the extensions on the vacuum will allow.

Mold and Mildew may be Present

It is also recommended that you clean each register grill individually with a brush and vacuum. Make sure that they are completely clean before reattaching them to the ducting system. Finally, as is always the case it is important to change the air filters so that the system operates efficiently and that the air being delivered to your home is clean and free of particulates, dust and other unwanted allergens. Finally, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to consider having ducts cleaned professionally. Especially considering the fact that mold and mildew may be present in the system. For more information on duct cleaning in Houston and the surrounding communities contact Comfort Star today.

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