When furnace doesn't work in winter

What do I do if My Furnace Does Not Blow Air?

What do I do if My Furnace Does Not Blow Air?

When furnace doesn't work in winterThis is a good question that is often asked and is relatively easy to remedy. Anytime the furnace motor is running and the blower is not moving air, it could be that the belt that connects the blower to the motor has broken or failed. The good news is that replacing this belt is relatively easy and inexpensive. The first step is to turn off all power to the unit as well as turn off the gas valve. This will help to ensure the maximum level of safety prior to beginning. Next simply remove the access door on the front or side of the furnace cabinet.

Hardware Store or Heating-Supply Company

This will allow for easy access to the blower making the job simple and convenient. Moving along in the process, you will want to check for the model number that should be stamped directly onto the belt. This will allow you to find the exact replacement at a hardware store or heating-supply company. Once you’ve located the right belt for your particular unit, simply slip the belt onto the smaller pulley on the motor and then start the other half of the belt onto the blower pulley.

Adjust the Tension on The Belt as Necessary

Next, rotate the pulley on the blower manually by hand. Do this while holding the belt in place and be careful not to get your fingers caught between the pulley and the belt. If this is done correctly the belt will slip right into place with very little effort. If it turns out to be a tight fit, you may have to adjust the motor mount so that there is more slack available for mounting the belt. Once the belt has been securely fastened, it is then easy to adjust the tension on the belt as necessary. The manufacturer of the belt should provide specifications as it relates to proper tension. Contact Comfort Star Emergency Heating Repair today for the best in furnace repairs throughout the Houston area.

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