Woman checks the heater blower setting

What Causes a Heating Blower To Run Continuously?

What Causes a Heating Blower To Run Continuously?

Woman checks the heater blower settingThis is a question that is often asked by homeowners who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of a typical residential heater or furnace. Generally speaking there are few things that can cause a blower to run continuously without stopping. The first one is very easy. It may simply be that the room thermostat or limit switch located directly in the furnace may have failed. Keep in mind that it is the limit switch that actually shuts off the furnace when the air reaches a certain temperature.

Simplest and Easiest Way To Remedy This Type of Problem

The good news is that if this is indeed the problem, it is an inexpensive fix that can be done quickly. Another consideration if a blower runs continuously is to check the thermostat fan. See if the thermostat fan switch is actually turned to the “on” position as opposed to being an “auto”. This is perhaps the most basic way to remedy this type of problem. If these simple remedies do not solve the problem then it may be necessary to call in a furnace repair technician to adjust the unit or check for other problems. Whether it is a noisy furnace or problematic ductwork, a furnace repair technician is always your best option when you want to get to the root of the problem.

Rattling Noises or Squealing Noises

For example, many heating ducts are made of metal. So they easily become noisy with age or with a lack of routine maintenance. Popping sounds coming from your furnace or heater? It may indicate that there is a problem with the ductwork. Especially when it contracts due to repeated heating and cooling. Other common problems include everything from rattling noises to squealing noises and grinding sounds. All of these problems are not normal and should be addressed. Talk with your professional Houston furnace repair company today to learn more. Comfort Star Emergency Heating Repair in Houston TX is always standing by and ready to help.

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