Furnace is Not Providing Adequate Heating

What To Do if Your Furnace is Not Providing Adequate Heating

What To Do if Your Furnace is Not Providing Adequate Heating

Furnace is Not Providing Adequate HeatingMany times homeowners discover that their furnace may be running but yet it is not providing the heat that would normally be expected. This is a common problem that often goes overlooked because people automatically assume that the system is just old and not performing as it did when it was new. In truth, there are many conditions that can cause a furnace to operate at less than peak performance. For example, sometimes there are blockages that interrupt the flow of warm air in a typical furnace or heater. Check for blockages routinely as a way to avert this type of problem.

Increasing the Temperature

In addition, always make sure that the AC thermostat is properly set to the heat mode. Making sure that the heat mode is engaged and that the auto function is selected will often fix the problem. While as obvious as it may seem, simply increasing the temperature on the thermostat can produce better results when it comes to warming your home. Also check that all heating registers throughout your home are open and not blocked in some way. Sometimes the most obvious things go overlooked when it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter.

Call in a Furnace Repair Technician

Equally important is to routinely check the air filter in your heater or furnace. A dirty filter can substantially reduce efficiency. Always choose to replace dirty filters with a new one as opposed to trying to clean an existing filter. These filters are relatively inexpensive and can ultimately save you money when it comes to wear and tear on a heating system. Finally, if all else fails simply call in a furnace repair technician. These experts will carefully check the system including all system components along with the blower to make sure that everything is working properly. Contact Comfort Star today for Houston emergency heating services that get results.

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