Helpful tips by heating technician

Furnace Repair and Maintenance Tips

Furnace Repair and Maintenance Tips

Helpful tips by heating technicianWhile having professional furnace repair performed is always the best option for what can be a somewhat complicated appliance, there are some things that homeowners can do to keep a furnace running great year-round. For example, at least once a year it is always a good idea to vacuum out the entire area in and around the blower located within the furnace. This is a great way to keep the system running efficiently and clean. Vacuuming can actually help to reduce the chances of system failure.

A Vacuum Cleaner With a Gentle Brush Attachment

Equally as important is to, when possible, slide out the actual fan unit. Doing this makes it easy to clean the entire fan unit using a toothbrush or other similar device. Once this has been accomplished it is recommended to vacuum the same area. It can perform by using a vacuum cleaner with a gentle brush attachment. While performing this easy task it is a good idea to inspect the oil ports of the motor. These ports are normally located near the actual motor shaft. If your particular furnace has these oil ports, simply apply a few drops of non-detergent motor oil directly into the ports. In some instances it may be necessary to remove the cover plate. It is located over the oil ports to do this simple procedure.

Check The Furnace Circuit Breaker

While most modern furnace motors will not require lubrication, lubricating motors on furnaces that do have oil ports each year is strongly recommended. Finally, sometimes the simplest remedies can help to return your furnace back to normal operation. If your furnace is not heating or operating just check the thermostat. Check if it is at the proper setting. Another very simple strategy for making sure that a furnace is working is to check the furnace circuit breaker. If a circuit breaker or fuse has blown replace it or reset the breaker. Contact Comfort Star Emergency Heater Repair Services today for more information on Houston furnace repair and services with a proven track record.

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