Inspect Their Air Conditioning System by Homeowner

Ways for Homeowners to Inspect The Air Conditioning System

Ways for Homeowners to Inspect The Air Conditioning System

Inspect Their Air Conditioning System by HomeownerAs with all other appliances throughout a typical residential home, inspect the air conditioning system is important and must be properly cared for even when not in use. For example, while it is winter, summer is never far away. That said here are some simple ways that homeowners can inspect an air conditioning system to ensure peak performance year-round. As a note, even though homeowners may do their own inspections, it is always recommended to have a professional air conditioning technician do a more complete inspection at least once each year.

Avoid Blocking Registers with Furniture

One of the first things that should be looked at regularly when it comes to an HVAC  air conditioning system is that of filters. The filter should be changed monthly so that they do not become clogged and contaminated when summer finally approaches. If the system is completely turned off during the summer months, then of course there is no need to change the filters until the system will be used. Equally important is to inspect all registers and make sure that they are in the full-open position. Avoid blocking registers with furniture, rugs and other items that could restrict airflow.

Always Clear Away any Vegetation

Finally, it is worth investing some time into cleaning the condenser on the outdoor AC unit, especially if it is exposed to lawn debris like grass clippings or leaves and mulch. The accumulation and buildup of yard debris can cause serious problems for a modern air conditioning unit. Always clear away any vegetation that is growing near the air conditioning unit outside of your home. As an added note, reset the thermostat as summer approaches. Keep in mind that family schedules do change with the changing seasons. This may require a change in thermostat setting. Contact Comfort Star today for the best in Houston air conditioning services.

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