AC technician preparing for summer

Getting your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer

Getting your Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer

AC technician preparing for summerWith summer just a few months down the road, now is the best time to consider having your air conditioning system completely inspected and checked. This is an important consideration for homeowners simply due to the fact that an easy and inexpensive AC inspection can end up saving thousands of dollars. From having ducts cleaned to having the entire HVAC system cleaned, a little bit of work early in the season can make life much more enjoyable later on during the hottest times of summer.

The Right Amount of Refrigerant

Some of the more common items that are typically covered during a complete air conditioning system inspection include having the evaporator and condenser coils checked. In addition, having refrigerant levels checked and adjusted will ensure that the system has the right amount of refrigerant for the best possible operation. Equally important is to have blower components checked and tested and adjusted as necessary. This helps to guarantee better airflow through the entire cooling system. The thermostat should also be looked at as a way to make sure that it is communicating properly with the air conditioning unit itself. Another key item that must be checked periodically is the electrical connections and components that comprise the HVAC air conditioning system in your home.

Lubricate any Moving Parts

A licensed, experienced and knowledgeable technician will check to ensure that the motor voltage and current are adequate. He or she will also check for secure electrical connections and lubricate any moving parts that are part of the blower motor. This helps to minimize friction while also reducing the amount of electricity that is used. Finally, your trusted inspection technician will check the drain and make sure that the drip pan and condensation drain lines are working properly. Contact Comfort Star today for the best in Houston air conditioning maintenance and services.

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