Summer Emergency AC Repair Houston

Summer Is Approaching – Is Your Air-Conditioning Ready?

Summer Is Approaching – Is Your Air-Conditioning Ready?

Summer Emergency AC Repair HoustonWithout fail each and every year the summer season comes around right on schedule. That said it is important and absolutely essential to make sure that your air conditioning system works at peak performance and without interruption. Beating the heat and humidity can be as easy as checking if an air conditioning system is ready for the task at hand. For example, something as simple as regularly cleaning the system air filter will help to ensure smooth airflow even during the hottest and most humid times of summer. A clean air filter ensures that an AC pulls the greatest amount of hot air out of a room.

Water Exiting The System When The System Is Operating

In addition, cleaning or clearing the condenser pipes and vents can greatly improve performance. The condensation pipes or the pipes that allow water to exit your air conditioning system should be checked for normal indications. These normal indications would be water exiting the system while the system is operating. It is also a good idea to check for any accumulation of algae in the pipes. If algae is detected it is best to contact an air conditioning professional to have the pipes properly and thoroughly cleaned.

This Will Have A Direct Impact On Performance And Efficiency

It is equally important to check that all ducting is properly insulated so that cool air is not being lost as it moves through ducts. Another great tip is to provide adequate shade for the compressor on the outdoor unit of your air conditioner especially if it is in direct sunlight. This will have a lasting impact on performance and efficiency. Finally, always remember to have your AC system professionally serviced by a licensed technician. A routine AC health check will ultimately save money over the short and long-term. Contact the friendly staff of Comfort Star today for more information on Houston air conditioning services with a proven track record.

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