Saving Money and Energy by Cooling Efficiency

Smart Ways of Saving on Energy Costs During the Summer

Smart Ways of Saving on Energy Costs During the Summer

Saving Money and Energy by Cooling EfficiencyThere are a number of simple yet important ways that a homeowner can save money on energy during the hottest times of the summer season. For example, one of the easiest ways to increase overall cooling efficiency in your home is to consider installing highly efficient cooling system. It’s also important to note that a ceiling fan can make a room feel up to 10° cooler. This can result in an energy savings of 10% or more over the short and long-term. In addition, today’s modern smart ceiling fans can even be connected to a smart phone app.

Increase the Temperature in your Home

This would allow you to schedule times of the day when you want the fan to come on or turnoff. These apps even allow for controlling fan speed without having to lift a finger. Another smart way of saving energy during the summer is to simply increase the temperature in your home to a level that is comfortable yet not too warm or cold. The savings in terms of energy usage can be quite substantial by just raising the temperature a few degrees. Most experts recommend setting the indoor temperature in your home at about 78°F. Another innovative way of saving energy is to consider having window film installed around all home windows.

Improve Privacy

Today’s modern window film is highly reflective and can lower the temperature within your home quite substantially during the hot summer months. Not only does this type of innovative film lower the temperature in a home but it can also improve privacy. It is best to have a professional install window film to ensure that it is done correctly. While there are many ways to save money on energy, working to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system is one of the best options. To learn more about saving money on energy during the summer and how to maintain an air conditioning system in the best condition year-round contact Comfort Star today.

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