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Simple AC Repair Tips Every Homeowner Should Know About

Simple AC Repair Tips Every Homeowner Should Know About

Residential AC installed by Comfort StarAny time an air conditioner is not running or simply not blowing an adequate amount of cool air there are some things that a homeowner can do to remedy the problem. For example, something as simple as checking the breaker box to see if there is a tripped breaker may do the trick. This is especially true if there are several appliances or other items on the same breaker as the air conditioner. This quick and easy check can save homeowners money, frustration and a wide range of other unexpected problems.

Change Filters As Often As Every Month

Equally important is to check the thermostat. In many cases the batteries in a thermostat may have just become unusable. Replacing batteries and making sure that the thermostat is set at the proper temperature can often fix the problem. Equally important is the idea of routinely changing the air conditioning filter every few months. In homes where dirt and dust are more prevalent it may be necessary to change filters as often as every month. A filter that is clogged and dirty can create problems with your air conditioning system.

A Routine Cleaning Of Your Entire Air Conditioning System

In addition, there are some cases where an air-conditioning system may become iced over. Melting ice is an easy procedure and can save your system from more serious damage. Simply turn off the air conditioner and run the fan to help melt ice as necessary. Finally, a routine cleaning of your entire air conditioning system may fix a wide range of problems. A good thorough cleaning may often do the trick when it comes to a system that is not working as expected. As an added note, always have your ducts inspected for debris and dirt or blockage. Contact Comfort Star today for the best in Houston air conditioning repair services.

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