Summer AC repair tips by Comfort Star AC Houston

AC Repair Tips And Tricks For The Summer

AC Repair Tips And Tricks For The Summer

Summer AC repair tips by Comfort Star AC HoustonSummertime is a great time of year however it also a time when you should pay particular attention to your air conditioning system. As spring comes to an end it is time to prepare your air conditioning system for the hottest time of the summer. Keep in mind that air-conditioners work harder during the summer and that is why it is important to prepare these vital units in the right way. One of the easiest and most obvious things is to replace the AC filter as necessary. Simply remove the filter and check for overall condition as well as dirt, debris or mold.

A Simple Visual Inspection Every Few Weeks

While routinely changing the filter is always a good idea, more frequent changes may be necessary. That is why a simple visual inspection every few weeks is a good practice. Keep in mind that a clogged or dirty filter can cause an air conditioning system to become overworked. This may result in overheating and even HVAC malfunctions. Equally important is to keep the outdoor AC unit free of debris. Make sure that no debris like leaves, paper or other obstructions are impeding airflow on the outside AC-unit. Everything from tall grass to plants and piles of leaves can affect air-conditioning performance. Restricted airflow can ultimately result in a breakdown.

Save Your Air Conditioning System From Unnecessary Problems

Finally, always be sure that all AC room vents are completely open and unobstructed. Vents in each room should be open and free of obstructions like carpeting, furniture or curtains. These simple but important tips and tricks will help save your air conditioning system from unnecessary problems during a time of year when an AC system is needed the most. As an added note, having routine maintenance inspections performed by a professional air conditioning company is always a good idea. Contact Comfort Star today for more information on Houston emergency air conditioning repair services with a proven track record.

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