Spring AC Inspection with Comfort Star Houston

Springtime Is A Good Time To Think About an AC Tune-Up

Springtime Is A Good Time To Think About an AC Tune-Up

Spring AC Inspection with Comfort Star HoustonAs the seasons begin to change homeowners may wish to consider the benefits of having an AC tune-up performed. Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons that an AC tune-up would be of benefit is that it helps to ensure that the system operates as expected when the warm weather of summer finally arrives. In short, a little bit of inexpensive preventive maintenance can go a long way in saving homeowners money over the short and long term. This is especially true considering the fact that an AC tune-up can detect problems long before they become expensive and inconvenient.

Regularly Change Air Filters

Also keep in mind that along with regular air conditioning tune-up services, homeowners can do a few simple things on their own to keep their air conditioning unit always operating at its best. For example, one of the smartest ways to maintain your system and reduce workload is to regularly change air filters. This improves efficiency and even improves indoor air quality. It is ideal to perform this simple maintenance on your air conditioning system at least once every 60 days. As a note, those with pets may find that changing air conditioning filters more frequently is necessary.

Causes A System To Run Hotter And Less Efficient

Finally, the exterior unit of your air conditioning system would be best served by having regular condenser coil maintenance performed. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean and rinse the condenser coil located on the outside unit. This should be done every year and will ensure that your system runs at peak efficiency. Most experts in the industry would tell you that a dirty condenser coil causes a system to run hotter and less efficient. Having professional service done by a certified technician is always the best option when it comes to maintaining an air conditioning system or having a routine tune-up performed. Contact Comfort Star today for the best in Houston air conditioning tune-up services.

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