Why Indoor Air Quality is So Important

Why Indoor Air Quality is So Important

Homeowners have choices when it comes to the quality of their indoor air. As a matter of fact, paying particular attention to this important aspect of environmental control within your home can have a big impact on health. Keep in mind that the majority of people today spend well over 90% of their time within the confines of a house. Not being aware of the quality of air that you are breathing indoors can have lasting impact on overall wellness.

Allergy Related Illnesses

Note that the EPA has stated that indoor air pollution can often be more than 100 times worse than air pollution outdoors. This is a serious concern that should not be overlooked. Many experts in the medical industry point to indoor air pollution. They believe it is responsible for a large number of allergy related illnesses. These are statistics that simply cannot be ignored. Everything from lung conditions to headaches and asthma as well as even dangerously infectious diseases can become a problem when indoor air quality is not good.

Growth of Bacteria and Mold

Another important fact in this regard is that commercial office buildings often have contaminated indoor air. It is usually because the heating and cooling system within a building has not been properly maintained. This ultimately results in a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and mold and other particulates. Business owners should keep in mind that there could be liabilities associated with illnesses resulting from poor indoor air quality.

Wreak Havoc on The Respiratory System

Other statistics show that virtually all respiratory problems are caused on some level by pollution whether it is indoors or outdoors. Dust mites and other allergens can wreak havoc on the respiratory system of both humans and animals. This is combined with the fact that people routinely shed large amounts of skin each day. It is this shedding that further contributes to poor indoor air quality. Contact Comfort Star Emergency AC Repair today to learn more about Houston indoor air quality inspections and solutions.

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