Spring and Easter AC Tune-Up

Springtime and Home Air Conditioning

Springtime and Home Air Conditioning

Spring and Easter AC Tune-UpSpring is a great time of year and with it comes an opportunity to properly care for your air conditioning or HVAC system to ensure seamless and efficient operation. Here are a few things you can do during the spring so that your air conditioner works flawlessly throughout even the hottest times of summer. For example, schedule a maintenance call before summertime high demands are placed on the air conditioner. Spring is the perfect time to schedule this type of maintenance. A professional technician specializing in AC maintenance will save you money, improve efficiency and keep equipment running perfectly.

Lack of Use

Keep in mind that because an air conditioner is typically off throughout the entire winter, problems can develop from lack of use. A simple maintenance call including the changing of filters, removing obstructions and other similar strategies will eventually pay off. Getting in the habit of doing this type of AC tune-up and maintenance each and every spring will extend the life of an air conditioning unit and ultimately save money in terms of replacing the entire system. Equally important is to consider reprogramming the thermostat to ensure maximum energy savings. Reprogramming a thermostat to a lower setting will mean less energy usage and less system wear and tear.

Energy Bills

As an added note, most professionals recommend sealing all leaks around your home. Check doors and windows to make sure that there are no leaks. Leaks can actually add up to a substantial increase in energy bills on an annual basis. When cool air conditioning seeps out through leaks warmer air seeps in resulting in an air conditioning unit having to work harder. Enjoy the spring and get ready for all the fun that summer brings but never forget about proper care and maintenance of your air conditioning system. To learn more about Houston air conditioning maintenance service and a wide range of other HVAC related assistance contact Comfort Star today.

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