Fall Emergency Heating Maintenance

Heater Maintenance and How To Maximize Efficiency in Your Home as Fall Approaches

Heater Maintenance and How To Maximize Efficiency in Your Home as Fall Approaches

Fall Emergency Heating MaintenanceWhile it often goes without saying that having routine heater maintenance performed on a HVAC system is always a good idea, there are some other simple things that can also be done as a way to save money and improve reliability. For example, along with changing heating system filters regularly and making sure that a programmable thermostat is indeed installed, using ceiling fans is a smart and effective way of saving money and improving efficiency overall. Keep in mind that ceiling fans offer great utility well beyond the summer months.

Effectively Move Air Towards The Upper Part of The Room

They can be used during the cooler months of winter as a way to move air throughout the room and especially in an upward motion. By simply reversing the direction of the fan, the blades will effectively move air towards the upper part of a room. This is considered very useful in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings. Keep in mind that heat rises naturally and as such, using ceiling fans in this way will force air back to the lower parts of a room where occupants are located. In effect, using a ceiling fan ensures that you maximize the benefits of heated air in your home.

Saving Money and Improving System Efficiency

In addition, checking heating vents is always recommended and a good idea. In short, make sure that all of the heating vents throughout your home are opened and that they are not being blocked in any way or obstructed by objects or furniture. This will help to ensure that air is distributed evenly throughout the home. That said, another great strategy for saving money and improving system efficiency is to simply close the vents in areas of your home that are not being used. Whether it is a guestroom or an office or some other room, closing the events in these rooms will reduce energy costs substantially. Contact Comfort Star Emergency Heating Repair today to learn more about Houston air conditioning and heating services with a proven track record.

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