Ductwork return leaks

Efficient AC Operation Means Better System Performance Overall

Efficient AC Operation Means Better System Performance Overall

Ductwork return leaksAs temperatures begin to rise during the summer months nothing can be more important than having an efficiently operating AC system. In fact, keeping the occupants of your home healthy and keeping your personal belongings free of damage can be as easy as having an AC system that operates perfectly year-round. Here are some simple ways to ensure more efficient AC operation throughout the year. For example, an idea as simple as installing window-film can save a lot of energy and save on AC repair bills too.

Install Ceiling Fans Where Practical

This is a great home improvement tip that will not only keep your home cool during the summer but will also provide for a warmer interior during the winter. Another great strategy for ensuring more efficient air-conditioning operations during the summer is to install ceiling fans where most practical. Ceiling fan should be operated counterclockwise during the summer to help move cool air downward. Best of all, running ceiling fans for an entire day only costs a few dollars a month. Conversely, running an air conditioning all day can easily cost many multiples of that in terms of dollars.

Causing Your HVAC System To Work Harder

Finally, always consider the outside of your home when attempting to keep your air conditioning system operating as efficiently as possible. It is best to avoid landscaping with hard surfaces like asphalt, rock or cement in areas where the air conditioning unit is located. These materials all result in an increase in surrounding temperatures ultimately causing your HVAC system to work harder. Try to landscape with materials that do not radiate excessive heat. Keeping shrubs, plants and other types of landscaping material at least 2 to 4 feet away from the outdoor AC unit will guarantee the best in airflow. Contact Comfort Star today to learn more about HVAC services in Houston that always get results.

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