What To Do If an Air Conditioning Unit Will Not Come On

What To Do If an Air Conditioning Unit Will Not Come On

Homeowners sometimes encounter a problem where an air-conditioning unit simply will not come on. While this can be a confusing condition, the solution is easier than you might imagine. Here are some quick and simple fixes for any home AC as summer approaches. For example, one simple fix is to check outside for a lack of drainage from the system drain line. If water is not leaking from the normal AC drain line it may be clogged or disconnected. This simple fix could save you a lot of money.

Have A Professional Air-Conditioning Technician Do The Work

In addition, if a unit continues to cycle on and off excessively there may be a problem with the thermostat. This type of condition may also indicate that the condenser, evaporator unit and fan should all be properly cleaned. While homeowners can do many of these items on their own it is often better to have a professional air-conditioning technician do the work to ensure that it is complete and thorough. Also worth talking about is when an air conditioning unit does not cool properly. One fix here is to simply clear away debris and plants from the condenser on the outside unit.

Replacing Any Worn-Out Insulation or Refrigerant Lines As Necessary

These items can restrict airflow and cause more serious problems down the road. Finally, simple remedies such as replacing the air filter routinely and shading your air conditioning unit outdoors can work wonders in extending the life of the air conditioning system. Professional technicians also recommend replacing any worn-out insulation or refrigerant lines as necessary. Perhaps one of the best ways to properly protect your home air conditioning system is to simply have regular routine maintenance inspections performed by an air conditioning professional. Contact Comfort Star today for more information on Houston air conditioning maintenance and servicing with a proven track record.

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