HVAC expert is going to start the AC tune-up

Preparing an HVAC System For Spring is Easy If You Know How

Preparing an HVAC System For Spring is Easy If You Know How

HVAC expert is going to start the AC tune-upHaving regular scheduled maintenance inspections performed on an air conditioning unit prior to the summer season is always a good idea. That said there are a few other things along with having the air filter routinely changed that should be considered in order to improve efficiency. For example, checking the exterior unit and the condenser coil of your air conditioning system is well worth the effort and time. Homeowners can do much of this work on their own with very little effort.

A Dirty Condenser Coil Ultimately Results In A System Running Hotter

For example, simply washing the condenser coil on the outside unit is a great way to improve efficiency. This should be done once each year and will ensure that the system runs at peak efficiency. A dirty condenser coil ultimately results in a system running hotter and less efficient than would otherwise be the case. One way to know if the condenser is running hotter than it should is by checking the copper tube. This tube is connecting the inside unit to the outside unit. If the tube is excessively hot your air conditioner made need professional service.

Keep Your Air Conditioner On When Leaving Home

Finally, another great strategy for preparing your HVAC system for spring and summer is to simply make sure that it runs when you’re away from home on vacation. It is always recommended by professionals that you keep your air conditioner on when leaving home. Turning the system off causes it to work much harder to cool the house when it is ultimately turned back on again. In addition, always know that when turning off the HVAC system. Pets as well as plants and appliances may ultimately suffer due to excessive interior temperature. Contact Comfort Star today to learn more about HVAC system repair and maintenance in Houston with a proven track record.

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