Getting HVAC ready for winter

Getting Your Heating System Ready For Winter

Getting Your Heating System Ready For Winter

Getting HVAC ready for winterThere are some simple tips that every homeowner should understand when it comes to preparing your heating system for the impending winter weather. As the leaves begin to fall and the temperatures start to drop here are some great ways of keeping your HVAC system in top condition especially with regard to the heating unit. For example, never overlook the importance of regularly changing the air filter on a monthly basis. This is one of the easiest ways to maintain high levels of efficiency and reduce the stress on an HVAC system.

Simply Set A Cooler Temperature At Night

As a note, regularly changing the filter can save hundreds of dollars a year in overall energy costs. In addition, paying particular attention to your automatic thermostat or programmable thermostat is a smart strategy when it comes to maintaining a typical home air conditioning and heating system. Simply set a cooler temperature at night while sleeping as a way to reduce the workload on your HVAC system. Also make sure to have the programmable thermostat checked during a routine tune-up to ensure that it is operating as anticipated. If you are installing a new thermostat be certain it is placed away from any heat or cold sources.

The Simple Yet Important Tips

In most cases it is best to install a programmable thermostat on an interior wall where there are no drafts or exposure to excessive sunlight. This will make it more likely that the programmable thermostat will work as anticipated. Consider these simple yet important tips on keeping your heating system in peak operating condition especially as winter approaches. A little bit of attention with regard to a typical residential HVAC system can go a long way in saving money and preventing system failure. Talk with the friendly staff of Comfort Star today for more information on Houston heating and air conditioning services that get results.

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