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Energy Audits

Energy Audits

One of the most challenging parts of living today is, most likely, the cost. As we continue to do our part to impact the environment, we pay for it through our day-to-day living, as costs soar to try and combat usage. As energy costs rise and we see minimal, if not, improvement in the environment, it’s time that we understand that reduction of our energy usage has never been more effective financially.

Sick of seeing your money walk out the door with those energy bills?

Then here is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem – an energy audit.

Carried out by our team of professionals, we find an easy way to handle the challenge of energy management for any home. Our homes use staggering amounts of energy every day, and Comfort Star can find various ways to reduce that energy consumption for you.

Not only is this going to be better for the environment, but you are going to feel the benefit every month financially.

With a home energy audit carried out by Comfort Star, we can evaluate where you are going wrong and offer an easy way to fix these problems in the future. We aim to find a simple and effective energy management solution that can reduce your consumption and assess the level of waste that you go through regularly. The result is a cheaper home that is more affordable, and also better for the environment in the long-term.


A Comfort Star team will come to your home and conduct the audit. They will make a detailed analysis of your typical energy use levels, your typical output, and what measures you can take to reduce high output levels. By doing this, you can minimize energy waste and loss.

Also, we’ll look at the structural elements of your home, seeing where you suffer from the most serious energy losses. Once we find the gaps and the weaknesses in your energy usage, we’ll prepare a report that you can follow and use as a guide to see where your biggest problems are and how those problems can be solved most easily and affordably possible.

You then have a list of actions to consider that you can put to good use to remove many of the energy issues that we discover. Comfort Start can help you reduce your energy usage per month by as much as 40% by looking for serious issues and oversights in the way that your home is using, or storing energy.

This can help make typical energy costs more affordable and energy use more efficient.

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Not sure about hiring us? Then let us convince you. If you choose us to carry out your audit, then you can enjoy:

  • Working with a team that is genuinely specialized in managing an audit. We don’t just send inexperienced workers – we send trained Comfort Star technicians who know what to look for and what solutions will work best for you and your home or office. With the highest of standards and no stone left unturned, we make sure to leave you with no uncertainties regarding what actions you can take to make your home or office more energy efficient.
  • We are committed to finding a solution that others just ignore. We personalize our service by taking the time to find solutions for your situation instead of just using a basic template of things to change or improve. We will find and identify the energy issues in your home or office that are the most costly and work to find the most affordable solutions.
  • Our Comfort Star team is fully certified to be involved in auditing, and we perform all work in your home or office to ensure that we will exceed your expectations. With our knowledge of the industry, you can take a step towards a more energy-efficient and effective home.
  • We select our staff based on their ability to work professionally and knowledgeably. This leads to a team of dependable experts in the industry who know what to look for using a detailed point plan to find the solution. At Comfort Star, it is our commitment to our customers to treat everyone with courtesy and respect!
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