AC in top condition and happy family

Easy Ways to Keep your Home Air Conditioner in Top Condition

Easy Ways to Keep your Home Air Conditioner in Top Condition

AC in top condition and happy familyAs the temperatures continue to rise and summer weather becomes more prevalent by the day, there are things you should know about properly maintaining your home air conditioning system. Most importantly it is vital to ensure that your system does not work harder than it has to on a daily basis. Keeping an air conditioning system running smoothly will guarantee that your home stays cool all season long. One of the easiest things any homeowner can do to maintain this essential home AC system is to simply keep it clean. This includes cleaning both the outside and indoor components of the system.

Make Sure That it is Level and Not Sinking

For example, the outdoor unit of a central cooling system requires occasional cleaning of the fins using a soft bristle brush. It is also a good idea to check the air conditioning pad that the unit rests on to make sure that it is level and not sinking. These pads can settle over time causing an air conditioning unit to become unbalanced which may have an effect on its operation. A sinking pad may also strain electrical lines or copper cooling tubes. From an indoor perspective it is good to check the programmable thermostat regularly.

Extend the Useful Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

While today’s modern programmable thermostats are highly reliable, it is best to reprogram them each season to make sure that you maximize efficiency. This will not only save you money over the short and long term, but it will also extend the useful life of the air conditioning unit. Finally, having ducts cleaned regularly is a good way to keep an HVAC system in great condition year-round. It also helps to reduce the chances of allergies caused by dirty ducting. To learn more about keeping a home air conditioner in top condition contact Comfort Star today. As a leader in the industry, the company is always standing by and ready to help with air-conditioning concerns in Houston.

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