Ducting in attic

Common Errors Associated With The Installation Of Ducting

Common Errors Associated With The Installation Of Ducting

Ducting in atticToday more than ever before it is important to make sure ducting is installed in the right way from the very beginning. Here are a few common situations that are often encountered when ductwork has not been installed correctly. For example, there are many instances where ducts that are undersized have been wrongly installed in a home. This results in poor connections that eventually come apart. The ductwork can also become compressed and there may be cases were improperly supported ducting eventually bends.

Affecting The Overall Interior Air Quality In Your Home

Another major concern when it comes to errors associated with the installation of ducting includes leaky ducts or connections. This is when ducts have come apart resulting in negative pressure inside the home. This can cause air to be pulled from the outside of the house affecting overall interior air quality. Even ductwork that has not been stretched adequately can cause problems for homeowners. When ducting is not stretched tight enough problems will likely ensue.

Flex Duct Offers a Faster Installation

Another common problem encountered when ducting has been poorly installed includes excessive kinks and bends that results in poor system performance. In addition, when there is inadequate support for a flex duct run, a system will not perform as expected. While flex duct offers a faster installation process as compared to hard ducting, it may present additional problems if it is not properly installed from the very beginning. Keep in mind that flexible ducting can easily sag between major supports. This is especially true when there is not the right number of supports installed. Contact Comfort Star Emergency AC Repair today for the best in Houston ductwork with a proven track record.

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